Current Obsessions

I trade off obsessions the way most people change their underwear and I decided that I might as well blog about them. Why? Duh, because they are obsessions and on my mind.


1. Robert Pattinson- Ok I know! Who isn’t obsessed with this guy? I don’t know I just think he is super cute and nerdy and I really love the way he sort of mumbles through interviews. I do think that all of the super crazy teeny bopper fans should kinda back up off him. Seriously chasing a guy, no matter how famous he is, is just down right pathetic. If he’s running, let him go.

2. Internship- well this is a school thing because I need one of these to insure that I get out of school in time.  Unfortunatly I have yet to find one……….

3. Biggest Loser- I generally have no interest in watching this show, but I randomly watched on episode this season and now I’m hooked. All of my favorite folks are gone but whatever I just pick a new person to root for.

4. Keri Hilson- I love her songs Turnin Me On and Knock You Down. The first because it is just such an amazing dance song and the second because I love the video. Just to let you know now, anything with Kanye West I LOVE! Seriously I think he is just the cutest thing on the planet 8).

5. Summer and Turing 25- I am so into this summer because it will be the first time I am in summer school (not because I am dumb, class is mandatory) and I am really looking forward to cute summer outfits. Also summer marks the onset of my 25th B-Day, man I am so old. So I kinda want to revamp my life so that it is even better the next 25 years. We all know once those pass its only downhill (I kid I kid 50 is the new 30).

6. Purple Violets- I love Ed Burns movies and I have been obsessed with seeing this one since it premiered on ITunes. A few weeks ago I finally got to see it and I am so in love with it I keep searching for it on HBO. I need to buy it, but I am kinda broke right now. Soon though……

And those my friends are my current obsessions… me there are plenty more where those came from.


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