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One of the first few pics w/ my new glasses.
One of the first few pics w/ my new glasses.

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I hate waiting….that’s it no great rant…I just fucking hate to wait. My nerves are shot to hell and every time I check my email I have a panic attack….WAITING SUCKS!!!!!!!!



I Could Be Your Black Kate Moss Tonight

So I will admit that I completely believe that everything that happens was meant to and what happens to us was already pre-determined long before it ever happens. To prove that fact I would like to provide exhibit A: Kanye West, Glow in the Dark Tour tickets. Now you should know that I am never one to find out about concerts early enough to actually ever buy tickets and generally when I do its either way too late or happening somewhere to far away. Well imagine my surprise when I went on to gather my usual daily gossip and saw a post about Kanye’s concert. I of course raced to Ticketmaster to see if tickets were available and BOOM there were really awesome seats still available. So a click here and a click there and I found myself the proud owner of tickets to what will surely be one of the hottest tours of 08.

Why is this so cool you say? Well for several reasons…One, as previously mentioned I NEVER find out about concerts on time. I am always a week or two too late. Two, the concert was actually at the United Center which almost never happens for me, every time there is a really cool show that I want to see it’s ALWAYS at Allstate arena, which for a city kid that doesn’t drive is pretty impossible to get to. And third the biggest reason of all…I HAD THE MONEY TO GET THEM!!! Working where I work has put me in an almost constant state of brokeness, so to catch me in between paychecks WITH a hundred bucks to spare is a total rariety and i actually have a decent amount of money left over. And for me to actually have that money in the bank where I can use my debit card is even more rare.

And if none of these reasons are enough to prove that fate had some play in this…here is one last reason. I spent the entire day sleeping and I finally dragged my ass out of bed and decided that I would go on the internet, which I usually do later in the night. That is where I found out about the concert and by about six I had my tickets. About an hour ago I went back on Ticketmaster to see was the concert sold out yet and found out that tickets had just gone on sale TODAY at 5!!! Now tell me thats not a little freaky that I happen to find out about the concert and go looking for tickets mere minutes after they went on sale to the public. I mean whether or not you think this is awesome…I know IT FUCKING ROCKS!!! See ya at the show ;0)


Let Me Upgrade You

So recently I was told by a guy (that has a thing for me) that I needed a man to upgrade me. Now for those of you in the dark about what exactly he meant let me explain. I am not in any way shape or form one of the clicky girls…clicky being my nickname for the girls in college that spent two hours doing their hair and make-up to come to class. I stand next to these women in my t-shirt and jeans in awe that anyone spent that much time getting ready. No I am not the chick in five inch heels walking through the club searching for a man to buy me a drink…no look down and you will see me the 5’5 girl in flip flops shuffling through the club in search of my own. I wore fake nails once in my life and hated them so much I never went back. I do my hair, but it always frizzes back up again and I don’t have the time, patience, or desire to put it back. I live my life in flip flops and Uggs. My make-up bag is only littered with mascara and lipgloss…well if you look hard you may find an eye-shadow clinking around in there. And you would never catch me spending more than 30 minutes getting ready for work or school.

Now to be honest I adore shopping more than anything and I could spend hours of time hanging out in Sephora. The perfume section of Macys is my best friend and I live for mani/peids. After all I am a girl. Its just that after years of attempting the overdone look and hearing more and more guys tell me that girls need to lay off the make-up. I decided to go the other way and be me. I enjoy my laid back style, it suits me. So to hear this guy tell me that I need to be upgraded because my style is boring…well I was shocked. See if what guys want (him in particular) is an “upgraded” girl, then why is he so attracted to me. Could it be my easy going personality? Well if its that then I have something to tell him because the personality directly correlates with the style. Its my choice to pull out the the rat race we women run that has given me an easy fun mentality.

I look up to girls like natalie portman that believe that would rather be smart than beautiful. I honestly would rather go to Yale than be a model. Would I like to have both? Of course, but if I had to choose I realize that beauty fades. And if you really are a pretty girl should you have to try so hard to convince everyone else. Its like if you have billions and you hustle to go to work every single day. You could go to work 24/7 and it may make you richer in the long run, but you don’t have to. Now back to natalie…on the red carpet she looks stunning, easily one of the best faces in Hollywood, but in her everyday life she looks utterly plain. She clomps around in converse and jeans with absolutly no make-up on. And she has some of the hottest guys around as boyfriends. Further proof that there is no need to try so hard. Its all about what you like. I realize some women enjoy their hair and make-up routine (my mom is one of them), but I don’t and maybe one day I will. For now though there will be no upgrading, does that mean I will be single for life? Maybe but I doubt it…I manage to attract a pretty decent stream of cuties all on my own. ;0)

Why V-day sucks.

Valentines day….Why do you exist?

Is it to make me feel bad for bieng single? Trust me you don’t need to because society takes care of that. How many times have I been on the wrong side of the question…so do you have a boyfriend…answer no to that fucker and you get the look of shame. Let me explain the look to you, while say…getting your nails done… you are having a nice little conversation and telling them about life in general. Someone eventually starts talking about weddings or their pathetic little boy problems and then there it is. Try as you might you can’t avoid the single girls dreaded question, you make an attempt to change the subject but it gets right back to men and then they say it. You contemplate for a minute just lying and giving them the answer they want, but then decide why lie and give them the dreaded no. Instantly their face drops and their eyes get wide, their mouth opens in shock and the scream out WHY??? You are so pretty. Whats wrong? And there is the big problem…any reasonably cute girl over the age of 18 should be linked to a guy. It’s the validation that you are worthy in our society. Why? What the hell does it prove?

Thats why Valentines day sucks…its the embodiment of the idea that men validate you. This is why girls will run and start dating any asshole that shows interest. Seriously girls look around at your friends men…they suck. If I see another one of my friends hooking up with a loser I am going to scream. No kidding I have three friends that have boyfriends that I think are great, the rest I either don’t know or just really don’t like. Trust me I get the appeal of being part of a WE or using the beloved my boyfriend before every thought or opinion. BUT that should’nt be the reasoning behind dating every loser that crosses your path. I’m not saying be frosty McBitchy, date Mr. Right nows in hopes the now drops off, but if he talks like an asshole and walks like an asshole then he is an asshole and drop his loser ass.

So tomorrow on the bullshit holiday dedicated to lies and false promises, to being happy for the sake of acceptance I have a plan. I will spend the extra few minutes getting ready for work to ensure that all look a little cuter than usual and I will go out with my head held high. When people ask what my plans are I will say not a fucking thing and smile. I will make sure to buy myself a little treat, because I don’t require a man to do that for me. And I will embrace the holiday because I can’t make it go away. So Valentines day (the single girls enemy) I intend to befriend you, I will spend the day celebrating my relationship with MYSELF.


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